ORION Starter Kit: a real electronic laboratory

We offer a starter kit designed to allow even novice users to develop their own application, in a fast and simple way, in the ORION platform: an advanced and "user friendly" system particularly suitable for the realization of complex user interfaces. ORION is a real electronic laboratory, which, thanks to the power of the last generation processor Atmel ARM Cortex-A5 SAMA5D34 and the Linux Embedded operating system, allows to effectively control any process that requires graphics processing, networking and management of mass storage.

The starter kit’s packaging includes:

  • an embedded ORION board, in which are loaded the kernel and a Linux Embedded distribution together with a demonstration software (demo) specially developed to illustrate the significant potentials offered by the system;

  • 12Vdc power supply;

  • a double layer DVD that contains the VMware Virtual Machine and accompanied by the necessary documentation required to start developing an application;

  • ua serial communication cable RS-232 and an USB - RS-232 adapter, to allow the user to access, with a personal computer, to the operating system loaded on the embedded board.

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