Fasar Elettronica introduces a new line of products designed and built to allow monitoring and intelligent control of air quality in indoor environments, where too often are not duly considered the problems caused by the presence of pollutants and contaminants.

The FE1017 sensor module and the FE1011 control unit (together to more sophisticated versions of the FE230 digital regulator) were designed to evaluate the degree of healthiness of buildings air inside and for managing systems of aspiration and treatment of air implementing, in automatic mode, the most suitable control strategy to always ensure a high level of environmental comfort and the maximum wellbeing of the occupants.

Equipped with a microprocessor able to acquire information relating to the environmental conditions of the monitored area and process them according to sophisticated algorithms, these advanced control systems allow not only to maximize comfort and safety, but also to bring down consumption significantly, being able to appropriate modulation of the intervention systems controlled according to the real needs.

Adapting with great flexibility to every need, thanks to the various possibilities of networking that enable the realization of automation systems "made to measure", the sensors and controllers proposed by Fasar Elettronica represent the present and the future of electronic systems for aspiration in domestic, professional and industrial field.