controllers for smoke extractors in pellet stoves
hot air fireplace fan
air extractor chimneys thermo chimneys

A wide range of manual and automatic electronic speed regulators, that optimize the transfer of hot air in residential and industrial distribution systems.

When the transport of hot air into the chimney ducts is not possible by nature, or when it is necessary to manage the heat recovery systems from the heating systems, our regulators are used together with the suction and ventilation groups.

This regulators are made for:

  • Aspirators for fireplaces (extract chimney fan).
  • Fireplace fans.
  • Heat recovery systems for fireplaces.
  • Distribution of hot air in chimneys and stoves.

On request, we supply the regulators with cable glands and wiring.

FE1031: With ON-OFF commands and manual flow adjustment. For motors absorbing maximum 4,5 A of current.

FE230/T allows to automatically adjust the speed of the motor through the detections of the temperature sensor. This regulator also has the possibilty to control the motor remotely through the remote control (optional). The temperature sensor activates the aspirator when the temperature inside the duct reaches the desired value and turns it off when the chimney has cooled down. For maximum efficiency, the operating parameters can be programmed to optimize system operation in all operating conditions. For a maximum current consumption of 4,5A.

FE1018: the inverter technology regulator guarantees efficiency, reliability, wide adjustment dynamics and noiselessness. For engines that absorb a maximum of 3,5A.


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