Fasar Elettronica is a company focused on a very advanced research on electronics. Built up by a very passionate group of qualified Engineers and Electronic Technicians, with considerable experience in previous professional realities, Fasar Elettronica is on the market with a large family of complete systems developed for applications concerning both air handling and the hot and cold technology in the fields of professional food industry and in the medical and scientific fields.

Always careful to the needs of the market and to the advent of new technologies, Fasar Elettronica has also developed embedded devices specifically designed for intelligent management, and geared to the energy saving, domestic and industrial systems: these systems, combined with the different types of sensors developed by the company, allow to realize that improving the quality of life in homes and workplaces that is the ultimate goal of home automation.

The experience gained over the years, together with the flexibility of the staff of the Technical, make us an irreplaceable interlocutor for the customer who seeks competence and professionalism in the development of custom applications: from the first idea of the project, Fasar Elettronica deals all the phases related to hardware and firmware development, until the delivery of the finished product according to the "turnkey system" philosophy .

The after-sales service completes the service offered by the Company.

Constantly engaged in the training of technical personnel and the development of instrumentation and equipment of laboratory research, development and prototyping, we pursue in every project the highest quality to meet the needs of a changing market.

Fasar Elettronica is a company certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.


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